Mexico offers tourists a range of possibilities to enter to this magic country, full of culture, traditions and natural beauties. His diversity allows to take pleasure the desires and needs of every traveler.

The cultural wealth of this country, meets reflected in his more than 2,000 archaeological zones, in his beautiful colonial cities, renowned some Cultural Heritage of the Humanity for the UNESCO and in his beautiful Magic Peoples.

A people is named as "Wizard", because it has achieved " to preserve, to value and to defend his historical - cultural inheritance and demonstrates it in his diverse expressions across his tangible and intangible heritage ", that is to say, the locality must rely on constructions that they should be outlined for his history, with holidays that should reflect his traditions, to be a handcrafted people and to have a traditional gastronomy.

Nowadays 55 magic peoples exist in Mexico, centers of impressive cultural attraction in which the traditions highlight the color and the typically Mexican spirit.

Mexico has much that to offer: natural Scenes, extraordinary golf courses, which offer to him to the traveler the possibility of living through the amusement without limits.

If the visitor comes for business, the Mexican Republic possesses high-level infrastructure and important incentives to carry out Congresses, Conventions and Exhibitions of international level.

The traveler cannot stop proving the exquisite Mexican gastronomy of inheritance pre-Hispanic and Spanish, considered as one of the best and changed of the world.

The one who has trodden on Mexican lands, surely remained seduced by his natural captivations, archaeological zones, landscapes and beaches of incomparable beauty, and to whom it has not done it, one invites him to explore this fascinating world, called Mexico.